Are Dog Parks increasing?

main gate signageDog parks were unheard of a decade ago in South Australia. In South Australia we have some 21 enclosed dog parks (includes metro and rural areas).

In the US they date back to the 1980’s when dog owners and off leash advocates pushed for designated dog parks. The first official dog park in the US was the Ohlone Dog Park in Berkerley, California in 1979. In fact, it was recognised as the first dog park in the world.

According to the Trust for Public Land, dog parks are the fastest growing segment of city parks in America. From what started out as a grass roots beginning it appears that dog park planning has entered mainstream planning for urban planners and open space/recreation planners in the US.

In America, dog parks come in many different forms including: designated fenced parks and dog runs under the management of their local government, private dog parks, dog parks on top of apartments and fenced parks as part of shopping centres, and petrol stations so people can travel with their dog.

  • How is Australia responding to dog parks?
  • What can we learn from the US experience?

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