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Hot Dog – Cooling Down in the hot weather

How to care for your pets in hot weather?

About two weeks ago I received an email from a client about a workplace policy “Dogs and Hot Weather Policy for workers” that cares for its workers and the workers animals. Here’s the email.

Hi Fiona
I came into work this morning and found an email from someone in management who wrote:

“With the high temperatures today on behalf of management please take care of yourself, keep hydrated and notify your senior if you are feeling unwell. Also consider any requirements that your pets that may be at home.”

The client was so surprised and thankful for the email that she emailed back to say thanks for sending the email, especially the bit about the pets. Management then emailed to point out that “it’s the UK experience where we all go home at lunch and check on them”.

In Australia, we have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, so its great to see workplaces adopting policies to support pet owners/guardians to care for their animals in extreme weather conditions.

Pet Friendly policies can also extend into the business and housing arena: outdoor eating areas, strata title apartments and aged housing. If you need advice or support developing pet friendly policies, please contact Fiona on 0431 863 357.

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