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Fiona De Rosa is an urban planner and qualified dog behaviour trainer. She blends her skills in urban planning and dog behaviour to make a difference in the way we plan, design and integrate pets into our communities.

She moves beyond a human-centric approach and integrates both human and animal needs and interactions into her work.

Fiona believes it’s important to observe how people and their dogs use and move through public spaces. Since 2012, she has visited, observed and audited numerous fenced dog parks across Australia (SA, WA, Vic, ACT, QLD) and overseas (USA and Singapore). This provides insights into dog park culture, the behaviour of dogs and people and what works and what doesn’t in park design.


  • Bachelor Town Planning (Honours) University of New South Wales
  • Master Environmental Studies, University of Adelaide
  • Diploma Canine Behavior Science and Technology, Companion Animal Sciences Institute
  • Certificate, The Truth about Cats and Dogs, University of Edinburgh
  • RSPCA (SA) listed Force-Free Dog Trainer


  • SA Winner, Planning Institute Awards for Planning Excellence, Cutting Edge Research and Teaching, 2014
  • National Commendation, Planning Institute Awards for Planning Excellence (Aust), Cutting Edge Research and Teaching 2015
  • Scholarship, APDT and BlackDog Wear, 2015
  • SA Commendation, Planning Institute Awards for Planning Excellence, Public Engagement and Community Planning, 2018

Professional Memberships

  • Planning Institute of Australia (PIA)
  • Pet Professional Guild (Full Member Dog Training Professional)
  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Inc. (APDT full member)

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Fiona De Rosa

Fiona De Rosa (MPIA)

Principal /Owner

Urban planner + dog behavioural trainer

BTP (Hons) | M.Env.St.| Dip.CBST