Are greyhounds allowed off-leash in South Australia?

off-leash greyhound trials

Did you know that greyhounds are not allowed off-leash in a public place, including fenced dog parks in South Australia. This is a requirement under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995. However, the Act does enable the Dog and Cat Management Board to exempt Councils from this requirement.

As greyhounds transition from being racing dogs to family pets, there is a growing interest from local councils and community for greyhound off-leash opportunities.

About a year ago, the Board gave exemptions to the Alexandrina Council (rural) and City of West Torrens (urban) to conduct greyhound off-leash trials.

At this point, I became involved in observing greyhounds off-leash and their interactions within fenced dog parks. I was interested in how the different characteristics of dog parks were suitable or unsuitable for off-leash greyhound events. There are several factors to consider in selecting a fenced dog park for off-leash greyhound events such as:

  • Park size
  • Placement of amenities such as water bowls, seating, lamp posts within the park, and
  • Adjacent activities.

And then, I had the opportunity to work with the Dog and Cat Management Board and the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAPSA) to develop state-wide guidelines based on learning from the two trials.

Copies of the Off-leash Greyhound Events: Guidelines for Councils in South Australia are available from the DCMB website.