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What makes a successful dog park?

Identifying the physical elements of a dog park e.g. fencing, entry/exit gates, water bowls, doggie dispensers, benches etc – That’s the easy stuff. The missing element is understanding the relationships between the physical park elements and the social and behavioral patterns of dogs. This is an essential component for a successful dog park, and this

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There is no perfect dog park!

In a recent article, Dr Kersti Seksel highlights that: “dog parks can be very challenging environments for dogs. Although it appears to us, as people, that dog parks are great, this is not the case for every dog … Every dog has different play styles, social skills and experiences around other dogs. In addition, many

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Dogs are the new urban resident!

Urban planning and design has traditionally focused on the human need. However, a new urban resident is emerging – man’s and women’s best friend, which we need to accommodate. With the rate of pet ownership being one of the highest in the world with almost 36% of Australian households owning a dog (Australian Companion Animal

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