Design of Dog Parks

Design of Dog Parks

Getting ready for our presentation
APA Conference 2013, Adelaide


Recently Fiona De Rosa and Kylie Fergusen of Balancing Act Adelaide were invited to present a paper at the APA Conference, May 2013, Adelaide.

This is a great opportunity for us to talk about our pet subject; engage with local councils regarding the complexities of planning, designing and managing enclosed dog parks, and illustrate the importance of linking dog behavior with design.

Dog behavior is an important aspect which has been overlooked in current dog park practices. It’s important because it gives us a better understanding of:

  • how dogs interact with each other and with humans within an enclosed space
  • how the space will be used, and
  • better understanding of the potential risks.
With this understanding we are in a better position to minimise risks through design. Dog behavior can also provide a better understanding of appropriate surface materials, siting of park amenities and ongoing maintenance requirements.