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What is an Enclosed Dog Park!?

What is and enclosed Dog Park?

Enclosed dog parks are a new type of recreation park. They are a relatively new concept in Australia. In South Australia, they first appeared some 18 years ago with the development of the ‘Dog Exercise Park’ at Coonalpyn by the Coorong District Council. This was followed by ‘Pet Park’ at Golden Grove (approx 1998) by the City of Tea Tree Gully. Today, there are some 29 designated, enclosed dog parks in South Australia.

“A dog park is a designated public area that’s been set aside for dog guardians to legally exercise, play, and socialise with their dogs off leash in a secure environment. The park is fully enclosed or fenced and has amenities that make it clear that dogs are invited, not just permitted” (De Rosa, 2013:n.d.)

Dog parks in South Australia vary in location, size, open space classification (e.g. local, district, regional park), dog park type and setting. They are commonly developed by local government, but some developers have been involved in the design and construction of these parks (e.g. Lend Lease developed a dog park ‘Pooch Park’ in a new housing estate, Blakes Crossing, Blakeview).