Planning & Design of Dog Parks

Dog Park Design

Balancing Act Adelaide is a consultancy specialising in Dog Parks and Pet Friendly Planning.

Fiona De Rosa and Kylie Fergusen are two urban planners who share a passion for building stronger links between planning, companion animals and responsible pet ownership. Together, we have undertaken research (Australia and overseas) and audited various dog parks in Adelaide.

Our aim for 2013 is to turn our research into practical guidelines for open space planners and designers. We intend to produce simple, practical guidelines to show you how to plan and design enclosed dog parks from a dog and human perspective.

Our research shows there is a lack of coherent  information to guide open space planners and designers.

  • The current information is fragmented across many different areas (i.e. open space planning, urban design and animal behavior)
  • There appears to be an inadequate consideration of the social and behavioral patterns of dogs in the design of enclosed dog parks, and
  • There is a failure to consider the interactions between dogs,and interactions between dogs and humans within an enclosed space. These interactions are an important element of the dog park design process.

And, our beautiful logo is designed by Jeff Raglus (mambo designer).

Please contact us if you need advice and/or support in integrating pet and human needs into urban environments including: open space, housing developments, aged care facilities and tourism facilities.