Ideas for Better Dog Park Design

This week Fiona (Balancing Act Adelaide) one of the authors of a new guide on the planning and design of off-leash areas for the Dog and Cat Management Board of SA was featured in a story written by Jill Pengelley of the Advertiser and Adelaide Now. Here is part of the story from Adelaide Now:

“Dog owners and councils need to rethink how they use dog parks, says one of the authors of a new guide on planning off-leash parks. Too many seats, dogs in large groups and unsuitable ground surfaces are some of the issues that concern dog behaviourist [dog behaviour trainer] and urban planner Fiona De Rosa.”

Ms De Rosa is a co-author of South Australia’s first guide to designing dog parks, produced by the Dog and Cat Management Board.

We must look at the dog needs and dog behaviour and I think that is the thing that’s missing,” she told The Advertiser.”

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“There has been very little information out there to be able to guide councils, particularly in the design aspects.

“Just as designing a good playground for children requires a sound understanding of how children play, explore and learn, the design of a dog park requires an understanding of dogs’ needs and their behaviour.”

Read the full story here.

If you would like further information on how dog behaviour should inform the design of dog parks, please contact:

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