Dogs in the City

Today, I had the pleasure of presenting with Linda Allery from the Dog and Cat Management Board of SA at the Local Government Authorised Person’s Association Annual Conference at the Adelaide Oval.

The day started out on a high note when the bus driver gave me a free ride to the city, and the day only got better – experienced the new adelaide Oval for the first time, and talked about my favorite subject – Dogs in the City.

Today’s presentation focused on the  new publication “UNLEASHED: a guide to successful dog parks” that Balancing Act Adelaide prepared for the Dog and Cat Management Board of SA. They key message for the presentation focused on the interactions within dog parks and how they differ from other parks. Traditionally, parks are designed for human needs; whereas, dog parks need to cater for both dog and human needs and include a wider range of interactions:

  • human – human
  • human – dog
  • dog – dog interactions.

This means we need to change the way we design dog parks. Design needs to be informed by dog behaviour, and this factor is lacking in current practices. Lets improve the design of dog parks and incorporate dogs needs and behaviour.

“Just as designing a good playground for children requires a sound understanding of how children play, explore and learn, the design of a dog park requires an understanding of dogs needs and their behaviour” (De Rosa, 2013)

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Download Copy of Dog Park Guidelines “Unleashed, a guide to successful dog parks” can be downloaded via the Dog and Cat Management Board website.