Pet Friendly Aged Care Facilities

How pet friendly are aged care facilities in Australia?

Fiona De Rosa and Dr Fiona Warton collaborate on an article for the Pet Professional Guild’s Magazine, Barks from the Guild. The article is printed in the May 2015 issue.

“As the aging population of the western world increases, more people are finding themselves moving from their own home to aged care accommodation. This can mean that companion animals get left behind, as the new living arrangements are unable to accommodate pets. At this time of life, it can be quite distressing for older people to leave not only their community and social networks, but also leave their companion animals behind. This is less than ideal as research shows that companion animals can enhance the physical and mental well-being of older people.”

With the aging population, and the recognised health benefits of pets, there needs to be a more thorough exploration of these issues from both a human and animal perspective so the health, welfare and safety of both are considered.”

To better appreciate these issues, Fiona De Rosa (Urban Planner and Dog Behaviour Trainer) and Dr Fiona Warton (Veterinarian with membership qualifications in Veterinary Behaviour) from Adelaide, South Australia developed a Checklist for Aged Care Providers: Residents Living-in with their Pets to guide the planning, design and management of companion animals in aged care accommodation.

This Checklist is primarily for aged care providers, but can be used by architects, planners, designers and developers.

To read the full article visit Barks from the Guild.

The original checklist was developed for the Animal Welfare League, and can be viewed at AWL Pets in Aged Care.