Pets in Rental Properties

Pets in rental properties

Would you allow pets in your investment property? Are pets good for landlords?

According to a recent Australian survey (Mortgage Choice, 2013) planning to purchase an investment property in the next two years shows that only a small percentage are likely to allow tenants with pets to move in. The survey highlighted that South Australians are the most ‘pet friendly’, with more respondents than any other states saying they’re likely to allow pets in their rental properties (25%).

Victoria was a close second when it came to being ‘pet-friendly’ (24%), followed by New South Wales (23%), Queensland (23%) and Western Australia (22%).

“Obviously for those who have pets, there can be an additional hurdle to jump through when finding a suitable property to rent so being able to identify properties that will accept pets will be high on their list,” said Mortgage Choice General Manager – Group Marketing and Communication, Melissa McCarney.

Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world. With high numbers of Australians owning pets and an estimated 2.16 million renting families (according to the ABS), owners willing to rent out their properties to tenants with pets could find themselves at a competitive advantage.

Fiona is a pet guardian and an owner of a rental property in SA. The decision to allow pets (dogs and cats) was not an easy one. She wanted a pet agreement in place, a good agent to inspect the property on a regular basis, and have long term tenants who look after the property.

Tips for Pet Friendly Accommodation