Planning for Pets

Public Engagement and Community Planning

Port Adelaide, SA
City of Port Adelaide Enfield

New arrivals and pets

In 2017, Balancing Act Adelaide was engaged by the City of Port Adelaide Enfield to develop an animal management plan. Through this process, a series of workshops were held with new arrivals to explore their views and experiences around dogs in the community.

These sessions were conducted through the TAFE SA English classes at the Kilburn Community Centre.  The workshop participants came from Myanmar, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Thailand and all had been in Australia for less than 5 years.

These conversations provided the group of new arrivals with a voice which had not previously been heard by the Council. A long term outcome of this project is to develop an education program for new arrivals around dogs in the community.

These conversations gave the participants a better understanding of domestic dogs in Australia, the role of Council in managing animals and importantly for them, who could help them regarding animals issues. Australians have a unique relationship with companion animals, particularly dogs and this project highlighted that there is a real need to educate new arrivals about dogs in the Australian context.


  • 2018 PIA Awards for Planning Excellence (SA) Commendation, Category for Public Engagement and Community Planning

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  • People, Pets and Places Animal Management Plan

Enhancing off-leash parks

Mitcham, SA
City of Mitcham

Meet ‘n’ Greet in the park

In 2019, Balancing Act Adelaide was engaged by the City of Mitcham to develop a template and community consultation process to enhance a range of off-leash parks (multi-purpose parks).

We produced a series of consultation posters: a site plan; enhancement icons and images to guide future enhancements to the park.


Adelaide Brighton Community Park

Birkenhead, SA
Adelaide Brighton Ltd

Private sector builds a dog-friendly park for community

Balancing Act Adelaide worked in collaboration with Aspect Studios (SA) to prepare a concept design for a dog park in Birkenhead on the Le Fevre Peninsula for Adelaide Brighton Ltd.  Through the consultation process, a dog park fly-through was prepared to give the community a better understanding of the design. The park design features an internal path for people to walk, passive and active spaces for dogs to run or sniff and retreat. One of the features is the coloured rubber mounds which act as a buffer between the different zones. In the design, the park amenities are scattered around the park to better distribute the park users and avoid ‘hotspots’ in the park.


  • 2016 Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia (SA) Innovation Awards, Community Engagement

Pets in Aged Care Settings

Adelaide, SA
Animal Welfare League (Aust)

Pets and Healthy Ageing

Balancing Act Adelaide in collaboration with Dr Fiona Warton, Veterinary Behaviourist prepared a Checklist for Aged Care Providers wanting to introduce live-in pets with the owner (residents) for the Animal Welfare League of Australia.

This checklist was used by the AWLA on their website – Positive Ageing in the Company of Animals.

View the checklist at the Animal Welfare League Australia Website or download the PDF.


  • Dr Fiona Warton, Veterinary Behaviourist

Sensory Garden for Shelter Dogs

Adelaide, SA
Animal Welfare League (SA)

Balancing Act Adelaide developed a concept design of a sensory garden/trail for shelter dogs. A sensory trail can provide a relaxing environment where dogs have an opportunity to engage in a natural setting away from the noisy shelter environment. This sensory space will provide opportunities for dogs to engage with the five senses: smell, sight, sound, taste and touch. This project is one of Balancing Act Adelaide’s voluntary initiatives in memory of Fiona’s dog ‘Eb’ who was cremated at the Animal Welfare League (AWL).